International Arbitration

Effective solutions for Russian clients in international disputes
The PB Legal | Panin, Bayramkulov & Partners team participates in arbitration throughout the entire dispute resolution process: from the development of a strategy to the recognition and enforcement of decisions. PB Legal | Panin, Bayramkulov & Partners also helps in solving such issues as the preparation of legal opinions in Russian law, raising funds and budget optimization, and applying interim measures.
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Corporate Conflicts

Creative approach in the most challenging situations

Advising on corporate disputes is one of our core competencies. Experience of our partners in this sphere allows us to see all aspects of the corporate conflict and effectively choose the relevant tools, including lawsuits, negotiations with opponents, working with PR specialists and criminal law experts.

Our expertise includes advising on all stages of corporate conflict.

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In-depth knowledge of law and extensive managerial experience
Our team advises on the full spectrum of bankruptcy projects, including litigation, debt restructuring, bidding assistance, asset tracing in Russia and abroad.
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Solving a wide range of problems

Our team successfully represents clients' interests in various commercial disputes, helping to develop a general dispute resolution strategy, define and implement appropriate steps to protect the client's rights.

Often, commercial disputes involving our clients are cross-border in nature. In such cases, our team actively participates in resolving issues of private international law and coordinates the activities of foreign specialists involved.

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Applying experience to improve current legislation

The PB Legal | Panin, Bayramkulov & Partners team advises government bodies and private companies on drafting laws in various areas of law, including civil, corporate, financial law.

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Other Services

Although our primary interests include corporate conflicts, support of clients in bankruptcy proceedings, international commercial arbitration and dealing with distressed assets, our experience covers almost all types of legal services.

Our specialists have successfully participated in labor, family, inheritance disputes and public law disputes. Our team also successfully handles structuring transactions, creating joint ventures and preparing contracts of various degrees of complexity.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we successfully deal with all specific issues arising in a particular case, and offer efficient solutions. This allows us to win legal disputes, regardless to their nature and degree of complexity, and to incorporate mechanisms for protection of our clients’ rights into contracts.